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Write an article for American Digger and help them focus on the Northeast find the requirements on the American Digger website, http://www.americandigger.com/WritersGuidelines.htm  


Submit photo’s your finds to American Digger for their Just Dug web page, via email adpublisher@mindspring.com , with digital photo’s of 300dpi or via snail mail with high resolution 35mm prints.  Take a look at their Just Dug page http://www.americandigger.com/AD_JustDugIndex.htm .

Here is a sample letter you can use just copy and paste to your word processor software or new email and edit to suit your needs.  

Date                                                                                                       123 My Street

                                                                                                               My City, State Zip

American Digger Magazine

P.O. Box 126
Acworth, GA 30101

Attn:  American Digger Publisher


Attached is a photo of my recent find for your Just Dug page;

Found By: My Name

Item Description:  My Find Details

Detector Used: My Detector Make / Model

Location: City and State Where Found

Thank you,

My Name