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Research Delivered to Your Door 

Researching potential search sites doesn't necessarily have to entail long nights at the library and tedious travels through microfilm and tapes. Hot tips are often as close as your mailbox. The local paper routinely has leads that are worth your time to check out and verify. The following headlines appeared over recent weeks in the Bridgeport Post: 

"Industrial Park Proposed for Derby Site By Rte. 34". 

"City To Create Stowe Beach Access" 

"Unearthing Easton's History" 

"Water Authority To Sell Parcels" 

It turns out that the "Industrial Park" borders a 17th century ( yes 1600's) farm. The "Stowe Beach" borders a turn of the century amusement park. "Easton's History" hints of numerous mills in the Easton area but also contains a not well veiled notation that the local "archeologist" has no use for pot hunters, bottle diggers and, heaven forbid ,the evil metal detectorist. In this case just turn the page and enjoy Mallard Fillmore. "Water Authority" indicates that land for years off limits to the public may soon have public access. What went on on these lands? In my day kids swam and fished these forbidden areas. The "old timers" snuck there trap lines in there. Jack and Jill went up the hill and oft forgot that pail of water . What's in there? Trade the reading lamp for your detector and go find out. 

The newspaper is often subtle in its hints to the location of buried treasure. Look for hidden clues like, "Grove St. to be repaved". "Park Ave. to see three new homes". "Land trust considers 100 acre land purchase". "Historic district to reduce its scope". "River draw down scheduled for next week". Read the paper, read between the lines, make notes, take a ride, ask questions. SHARE WITH THE GROUP. 

The key to a successful club is the location of productive sites upon which we are welcome and from which we can return items of historical importance to the community. Want that EXTRA EXTRA Barber Quarter? Learn to READ ALL ABOUT IT.

(Thanks to Don Mayers for submitting this item.)

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